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Brisbane Dollhouse Extravaganza haul :)

So I went to the Brisbane Dollhouse Extravaganza on the weekend. If I’m honest I didn’t have high hopes for anything too extravagant.  😉

I mean, how many people in Brisbane could be into Minis & Dollhouses right?.. Wrong! It was actually really surprising how many stalls there were and how many people were there. There was a great selection of stuff. New, Hand made, & second hand. A lot of things were cheaper than you would pay online with the added bonus of no shipping costs.

The hard corers were there early and snapped up all the really good bargains, but there were still some to be had. You had to be quick though! I have some serious regret for dilly dallying over a working Grandfather clock for $10. I walked away to think about it and someone else snapped it up. :/

Also, I guess it pays to check your bags on checkout. I snagged a Franklin Mint Bathroom sink for $5 but when I checked my bags when I got home the item wasn’t in the bag… There was another item missing as well. I don’t think it was intentional on the part of the vendor (they are working from fold out tables and boxes and don’t really have a set up to keep track of the stuff you hand over to hold aside until you are finished shopping at their stall) but super disappointing because it’s was a pretty rare find.

So anyway.. on to the good stuff… here’s some pictures of some of my haul.

First off, OMG this bunny bear!

He/she is sooooo adorable, I couldn’t resist! She was rather expensive (I think she’s a girl because she has pink on her feet and ears.) but sooo worth it. I think I’ll name her April.  😉

She has moving arms & legs and a little tag from the maker on the back. She’s from VonneBears. Evonne who makes these bears had so many cute miniature teddy’s I could have spent an absolute fortune at her stall but I had to contain myself. Luckily she has an Esty shop so I will just have to content myself with collecting over time.

Next I treated myself to some TinyFinery treasures.

This dress, handbag and shoes were calling my name. Again, if I’d bought more cash with me I would have shopped for hours. 😀

The imaginary inhabitant of my house is going to be so stylish.


So cute! The shoes came in a shoe box complete with tissue and were then placed in a tiny shopping bag.


The shoe detail is lovely, they even have tiny little buckle detail & labels inside like real shoes. Could the brand name be any more adorable “Mini Choos”… Get it? 😀

The bag has lovely trim detail. It also opens, with a magnet clasp. Inside it even has a little side pocket. I assume for a miniature mobile phone? lol


Please excuse my fingers I was super gluing something earlier in the day and well….. we all know how that goes.

Continuing on the clothing theme, I bought some undergarments from a lovely mature lady who makes them all herself. She is retiring from selling and so had all her stock marked down. I didn’t get her card… so I can’t link you.. but I doubt she had a website anyway.

We had a lovely chat about how crochet is a dying art form and how she must have great eyesight and a steady hand to make her lovely creations.. again.. should have taken more money. She had lovely crochet miniature handkerchiefs and lovely lace tops in boxes and flower arrangements and *swoon*…it was all so lovely, it was hard to be restrained and only buy a few items.


Corset, bra & panty set and a wedding horseshoe. 🙂

The detail on these pieces is lovely. Tiny little crochet flowers, bows & crystals (not showing up very well in the photos) are sewn in.


I also bought these tiny doilies from her.So pretty.


I then headed over to a vendor that was selling mini food imported from Germany, because I wanted a cake. Well.. I got three. 😀

You can’t pass up a deal they were $5 each or 3 for $10… Three for ten it was!


Then I went looking for bargains and I found this 1930’s style gas refrigerator.. I’ve been coveting one of these for a while but they were always about $70usd plus shipping on eBay. I got this one for $30aud and no shipping 😀

It has a few dings in the paint but nothing that I can’t touch up with appliance paint.


I also picked up some vintage kits I’d been wanting. A couple of cane seat chairs a dining set & the bathroom accessories kit from Chrysnbon, a gramophone from Phoenix Miniatures and this Fireplace kit from HOM. I’ve never seen the Fireplace before, it’s called the “Tidewater Virginia Fireplace circa mid 1700’s” and it was only $5.. can’t go wrong.

I also picked up some window and door components including a full length victorian/georgian bay window for $10. Bargain! Many light fittings, all of which i will need to paint or modify. A couple of resin dogs that I plan to flock. A little woven basket, another cheap little mass produced teddy bear and a pencil sharpener in the shape of a toilet! I think it might be just the right scale and it has a lot of detail and is more modern than most dollhouse miniatures out there.

Safe to say… I’m a show convert! Now to start scheming for time off work to go to the Sydney show. 😀

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