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So when I bought this door it didn’t fit.


I bought this door for the San Franciscan’s upper balcony door. I read the measurements in the listing and thought it would fit… ummm no… *facepalm*

What to do? It almost fit but not quite. I was determined! Either the door opening had to be widened or the door had to be modified.

I decided to modify the door as the San Franciscan is made of MDF… not easy to cut and in particular the door openings are rather fragile and crumbly on my kit.

My solution was to cut down the inside door frame (that which will be inside the wall) whilst leaving the exterior framing intact.


I used a small hand saw a chisel and an awl to remove the excess wood.

I had to cut down all three sides so the door would still be centred when placed in the opening.img_2154

It’s rough but it doesn’t matter as it will all be hidden by the door frames. 🙂img_2156

And it fits!


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