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Why are all (ok almost all) miniature lights brass?

I don’t like the brass colour of most miniature lights… I guess they have their place but not it’s not in my San Franciscan!

I decided to test out painting some lights that i will use in the San Franciscan and later in the Heritage. I chose the two external coach lights for the “SF”and a three bulb chandelier that will most probably get used in the Heritage. I removed the bulbs and the white simulated candle covers in the case of the three bulb light and then hand painted them with black acrylic. I had moderate success but one of the coach lights turned out a bit lumpy… lol…


Looking at this picture I will have to go back and touch up around the candle bases as you can still see the brass there. I didn’t notice this in RL. Amazing what the camera picks up.3-light-chandelier-painting

I wanted to see what the coach lights will look like in situ so I drilled a hole in the front door wall at the appropriate height. I though I may as well go ahead and chisel out a channel for the wire now also. No time like the present!



Probably needs to be a little deeper, because I would like to spackle and sand this so I don’t have to wallpaper this wall. I prefer painted or paneled walls to paper. img_2140

There is a corresponding hole in the second floor/first floor ceiling for the wire to go through. The wires for this house will mostly run under the second & third floor flooring and out into a chimney that I will build for one side. I would like to make it detachable so all the lighting fittings can be hidden inside it, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to execute that at the moment.


Here is the light on the outside wall.there are a few issues getting it to sit level due to the milled siding. I may have to pack behind them.


This height looks about right. 🙂img_2139

And here is what it looks like with a door in place. This is not the door I will be using for the entry door it will be the upstairs balcony door. It’s what I had on hand though because the front door is still on order. 🙂 img_2150

I know, I know… it looks like it’s not centred on the wall. But there are windows and trim to go in that bay so that will cut down on the exposed wall space.img_2149

I’m happy with the result. 🙂

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