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Internal wall & what about doors?

I decided to try out some internal wall & door options today. I really would like internal doors between the rooms but this kit didn’t provide for them. I’m sorry, but no door on the bathroom & Bedroom just isn’t an option! 😉


As you can see I’ve propped a standard six panel internal door in the front door opening to help me decide the internal layout. I kinda like it. Might have to upgrade the doors from those ugly Dura-craft ones.


You can also see that I’ve attached the 2nd floor bays ceiling/floor pieces. At this stage the second floor has been glued into the side walls.


The first floor bay window walls have also been glued in, but everything else is still in dry fit.

I attached a standard internal door with trim to the internal wall and it looked great,but it left the wall overhanging the back foundation.


So I decided that the door would have to be altered by removing one side of the door’s surrounding trim.


It needs some sanding to even it up but this will do for now.

Now to test it.


I like it, but it is now a little bit short. I added some popsicle sticks between the side of the door and the wall to shim out a little bit for a good fit. This will all be covered by door trim so it doesn’t matter what it looks like.


Next step is to deal with the opening above the door. I will need to pack out the wall to fill this section. No point having a door with a void above!

I’m using a foam core/mat board combo for this. The only down side of this process is that these internal walls will need to be wallpapered or covered with panelling to hide all this modification. I prefer plain painted walls, so it’s a compromise.

I measured the foam core on the door/wall mock up. See my little cuts. 🙂


Then I cut two pieces. Messy I know but I oversized them a little bit so I will sand them into shape.


I taped them together and fit them in place.


I had to do some minor adjustments.


Then I tried it out. It fits!


And with some cornice held in place.


If I go with this option I’ll have to do something about the finish where the two door frames meet. I’m not sold on having the door to the kitchen right behind the front door but there is only one other option and that is to have the door right at the back of the wall.


I do like that position better, but have concerns about stability given that it wouldn’t have another wall to butt up against.


Also which way would the door open? Either way it’s going to impede the view when it’s open. Maybe it’s never open. Ha!

Any opinions are welcome but may not be listened to… lol

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