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Sorting the SF557

Time to start sorting my parts!


Here are some of the 557’s  MDF pieces. In this pile are the:

  • Internal room walls (top of pic)
  • The attic floor (long piece with bevelled edge)
  • The small front gable triangle front & roof pieces (with the routed section)
  • The Bay Window’s Floors/Ceilings & 2nd Floor Veranda Floor/Ceiling
  • The foundation edges
  • The Tower Walls
  • Some of the Bay Window walls

The large piece of ply they are sitting on is a piece I bought as a base for this project. So that I can add some landscaping around it. 😀


Here we have:

  • Most of the ply sheets containing the windows, doors & fretwork/trims.
  • The window vellums… not sure if I’m going to use these. I’m not a fan of the printed detail. :/
  • The two large pre-milled side walls.
  • The roof pieces hiding underneath the walls (note the routed edges)
  • The front walls with the doorway cutouts
  • And the main gable (under the front walls)

All of the channels and corner trims came in lengths that you have to cut to fit. They were just in the box like this! I hope everything is there! Well, if not there is an online shop called Manchester Woodworks that makes Dura-Craft compatible parts. Phew!


The rest of the items came loose. I haven’t counted everything in this loose pile because I may not even use some of it. I may upgrade to custom items… not sure. (Some items are not pictured below because I started to assemble a set of stairs as I’m dubious about the scale of them & their state of repair… lol)

Then there is this HUGE bag of shingles and that magic brickwork bag that scares the heck out of me!… Apparently you apply the stencil (not pictured) and then mix up the orange plaster and paste it over the stencil. Ummm… No…


Not only do I not like the “fake”brick look, but it strikes me as an incredibly messy process. I intend to use either egg carton bricks following a tutorial by Otterine or Andi’s mini cut stone.

And lets not forget the instructions! Not that I’m likely to follow them too closely. 😉


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